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In just the past few years, data center and desktop Virtualization has dramatically improved the efficiency and availability of resources and applications for thousands of companies both large and small. No longer are applications tied to a dedicated server but instead allows users to draw upon resources across the enterprise from multiple network assets. This new operational paradigm enables companies to respond to market forces more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Whether it is desktop virtualization or data center virtualization solutions, GlobalXperts can help you plan, design and implement a solution that meets your business objectives. Desktop virtualization is an approach that organizations can implement to reduce desktop CAPEX, improve efficiency, increase control, and expand connectivity. With virtual desktops, users can access their desktops hosted on data center servers through thin clients, smartphones, and other devices.

Our desktop virtualization solutions offer choice and flexibility. Choose an on-premises or cloud-based solution, or both. Whether you run desktop virtualization in-house or use desktops as a service, we can help you get better performance such as centralizing graphics and media. Plus, operations are simplified, security improved and provides support for new devices.

Server virtualization with industry leading solutions from VMware, Microsoft etc. enable your organization to lower OPEX, improve server functionality and provide failover & recovery options. Appliance virtualization of firewalls, storage, anti-spam, etc… will reduce your cost of hardware and improve platform management.

In addition, companies are reaping the benefits of lower power consumption, being cheaper to own and costing less to manage. As with any advanced technology solution, virtualization requires a deep understanding of the core elements such as hardware, storage, backup systems, networks and disaster recovery not to mention all the communications/applications software required to make all of these elements work together in a virtual infrastructure environment.

This is where we excel. GlobalXperts offers its customers a technical support staff that is steeped in knowledge of the products needed to keep your virtualization platform running smoothly. Our virtualization support services areas include:

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