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Technology and social media have profoundly transformed the way organizations operate and how employees communicate among themselves, partners, and customers. The days when you were tethered to your desk are gone. Now you can access your company’s database while having coffee in the break room or participate in a conference call from your car.  “Reaching out” used to mean a voice call to someone. Now, the courteous thing is to ask their choice of media. Our team of consultants stays ahead of the technology curve ensuring our customers that the solutions we design and deliver will keep them competitive.

Like most technology companies, we sometimes become so focused on the process of marketing, capturing, and deploying solutions, that we overlook the importance of community and family. That’s why we’ve tried to create a culture at GlobalXperts that allows us to have some fun while still serving our customers and to actively give back to the community where we work. This has helped us to retain great people and our customers love the continuity.

Our customers are smart and pretty much know where they want to go but sometimes don’t quite know how to get there. Whether it’s a data center cloud migration or a new collaboration capability on a customer’s enterprise, our first step is to try to fully understand the customer’s expectations which include eliminating any pain points and delivering a completed outcome that helps move the organization to the next level.

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Network Support

Nowadays, virtually all forward looking companies have moved to or are planning to move to an IP-based network platform and use high speed internet on a daily basis


Professional Services

Our engineers can successfully manage projects of varying scope, from a small-scale software application to a large enterprise national rollout.

Technology Capabilities

GlobalXperts provides worldwide implementation and onsite support capabilities across multiple continents for its clients and partners.