About GlobalXperts

The core of what we do here at GlobalXperts is focused on our clients’ goals.

We run alongside our clients to accomplish whatever goals they have set before them to run their businesses successfully. By providing network management and technical services that are timely, credible, and reliable, we make it our priority to deliver the best results and exceed client expectations.

How Do We Accomplish This?

We do this by providing a robust focus on managed services support and professional services for advanced Cisco solutions. Our focus is on Cisco’s PBM (Plan, Build, Manage) life cycle, and while each phase of the service delivery model is strategically designed to build upon the previous phase, GlobalXperts’ technical staff has been successfully utilized by our clients for any or all phases.


We work through every aspect at the planning stage

We do it for you with love


Key Resources

GX Team

Diverse, Driven, and Innovative.

We believe our greatest resource is our employees who are comprised of a pool of highly skilled engineers at our RNOC.

The skillset of our engineers varies based on their solutions focus and their technical qualifications and certification levels. We have engineers with certifications such as Cisco’s CCIE, CIPT, CCSP, CISSP, CQFS, CQVS, and similar certifications with VMware, Avaya, Microsoft, and others.

The GlobalXperts team consists of experienced professionals drawn from the most successful communication companies in the world. Our technicians have proven track records developed from experience at various Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) on complex issues related to Cisco’s enterprise communications solutions and many others. Our engineers have the technical skills and experience to monitor, manage and remediate problems across very complex networks employing collaboration, data center, security, social, mobility, and cloud computing solutions.


The technicians and engineers at our Remote Network Operations Center (RNOC) have a deep understanding of internetworking and how data, voice, and video collaboration interact within the converged network platform which includes Cisco advanced solutions.

GlobalXperts’ RNOC is staffed with over 50 experienced engineers with multi-vendor credentials and the necessary tools to manage small, medium, and large enterprise networks.

Based on an engineer’s certifications, skillset, education, training, and experience, our RNOC staff is comprised of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 engineers. Typically, Level 1 engineers perform Help Desk & Monitoring services while Level 2, and Level 3 engineers perform advanced engineering, troubleshooting & resolution support functions.

Global Presence

We offer exceptional managed IT infrastructure services, professional services, and staffing services to SMB and enterprise-level companies, system integrators, and to the public sector on a worldwide basis. With access to over 2000 technical resources in more than 125 countries and over 600 cities, GlobalXperts has executed projects on four continents.